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I love the collaborative and hands-on nature of theater and the performing arts. The connection I feel working with others to create something is what fills me up in life. I want my students to leave every audition excited and confident about the steps they took to get there, and the steps they took after leaving.

I provide a positive and fun environment that fosters your growth and success as a theater artist. 

For private consultation sessions I start at the beginning. We begin by assessing your process, what type of work you see yourself doing, and how you want to progress in your acting career and technique. I may suggest work for my students to familiarize theirselves with, ranging from books and plays, to television and film.  This allows for the student to feel fully immersed in the world they desire to enter. 

For audition prep, I work with you to create the best version of YOUR character. We work on making the character your own. I work to make sure my students feel prepared and excited about their audition pieces so that they have the confidence to walk into the audition room and perform their best!

For audition prep, I coach: 
-Scene Work
-Character Work -from the original audition to creating the role
-On Camera Acting -where we go over the nuances and subtly of film

Email to discuss fees and set up a coaching session today!